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The PFW Store

Does anyone remember the old hardware store? You know, the neighborhood shop that sold nails by the pound, chain by the foot, and provided solid advice for most any home repair problem that was stalling out your renovation project. On any given Saturday morning, these town hubs were buzzing with local DYI traffic.  

Now Philadelphia Furniture Workshop introduces the “PFW Store”, featuring a selection of tools, accessories, materials, and services which, we feel, will make your woodworking safer, more enjoyable, and more productive; all to the end of a finely built project; something you will be proud of. 

Below is a list of items we now provide and offer for sale. The merchandise we offer at a fair price, the advice, like the neighborhood hardware store, we provide for free.

Be sure to visit the PFW blog for Alan and Mario's trip to a local old-fashioned hardware store.

Take a PFW Course online through Crafsty.comOnline Courses - Now available online are several PFW courses, taught by PFW’s founder Alan Turner. For those whose schedule or location makes a class at PFW's location difficult, consider the online option. These courses are offered through the online service Craftsy, which is quite professional in the production of this content.

Custom Elegant Stool - a online furniture making courseCustom Elegant Stool Course - Our founder Alan Turner is now teaching this course online through Craftsy.com. The woodworking class is PFW's Asian Influenced Stool, which Craftsy renamed to the Custom Elegant Stool Course. Build the skills to drill compound angles for the seat, cut compound angle shoulders with a hand saw and cut angled mortise and tenon joinery. Click to preview. Click to preview.


Hand Applied Finishing, an online furniture finishing courseHand-Applied Finishing Course - Elevate the quality of your projects as you learn wood finishing techniques alongside the founder of Philadelphia Furniture Workshop, Alan Turner. In this class, you'll build the knowledge to select and apply shellacs, oil and varnish mixtures, gel varnishes and even waterborne finishes. Start by mastering surface preparation to set yourself up for success. Then, Alan will teach you easy, effective techniques for applying beautiful finishes by hand. Visit the Hand-Applied Finishing Course for details, to preview and to purchase. Click for a preview


Sharpening Supplies


Simply the best: Shapton.  They are less prone to dishing than others; they don’t need to be submerged in water before use; and by varying hand pressure, their honing “range” can be extended. 

PFW carries Glass/stone Shaptons as a 3-stone set: 500, 2000, & 8000 grits. These are the grits we personally use and the ones we teach with. 

3-Stone set - $238.50

Leather Strop

You’ve probably heard of them but may never used them. Well, a leather strop is sharpening’s best kept secret (catch Alan’s article in American Woodworker). A swath of hard leather, glued to a sturdy block, then charged with oil and a .5 Micron honing compound will easily revive any blade’s edge with a few deft strokes in a matter of seconds. Fully charged and ready to use. 



Stone Flattening Supplies

PFW carries Silicon Carbide powder, 100 grit, and also carries granite scraps.  Used in combination with a bit of water, the grit and granite will give you precisely flat stones in just a few moments.

100 grit silicon carbide - $8 for 2.5 oz.

Granite plate - $15

Norton Grinding Wheel

This is friable wheel, in 46 grit, which cuts quickly and runs cool.  This is the one we use at PFW.  6” x ¾”



Wood and Plywood - Nov. 2016 Price List

Domestic Hardwoods (Often, but not always, in inventory)


Poplar, 4/4, 10” and wider -- $3.95 per board foot

Soft Maple, 4/4, 7” and wider -- $4.25 b.f.

Hard Maple, 4/4, RWL -- $5.00 b.f.

Hard Maple, 5/4, RWL -- $5.50 b.f.

Hard Maple, 8/4, RWL -- $6.00 b.f.

Red Oak, 4/4, RWL -- $4.50 b.f.

Quarter Sawn Red Oak, 4/4 RWL -- $6.50 b.f.

White Oak, 4/4, RWL -- $4.75 b.f.

Quarter sawn White Oak, 4/4, RWL -- $7.00 b.f.

Cherry, FAS, 4/4, 5/4, 8/4 -- $$7.50, 8.00, 8.50 b.f.

                   Additional charge for wide planks

Hard Maple Scraps and Shorts, for making jigs - $2/lb.

Plywood   (If not in inventory, then available within a day or two.)

Baltic Birch, 3mm, 5’ x 5’ -- $15

Baltic Birch, 6mm, 5’ x 5’ -- $30

Baltic Birch, 9mm, 5’ x 5’ -- $38

Baltic Birch, 12mm, 5’ x 5’ -- $48

Baltic Birch, 18mm, 5’ x 5’ -- $60

Baltic Birch, 18mm, 5’ x 5’ -- $75 - Clear one side

Shop grade birch plywood, ¾”, veneer core, 85% clear, 4’x8’ -- $75

Other sheet goods - call for pricing


Wearing Apparel

Tee Shirts and Polo Shirts

With warm weather approaching, you’ll want to complete your summer wardrobe with a couple of PFW’s cool, all-cotton T-shirts (available in 6 colors). Wearing one of these, you’ll be the center of attention at any family barbeque, beach outing, or lumberyard.  And, we still have some light green and stone all-cotton polo shirts.

Tee Shirts - $15, or 2 for $25

Polo Shirts - $25