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Welcome to Philadelphia Furniture Workshop, a tax exempt, nonprofit, full service teaching studio for those interested in woodworking. PFW's goal is to provide a broad range of hands-on classes for woodworkers of all levels, including beginners. Throughout the year, furniture making courses are offered on weekends and in the evenings. In the summer, PFW offers week-long project based courses targeted to differing skill levels at our woodworking school. Come work in one of the finest shops while learning both beginning and advanced skills.

Current woodworking instruction tends to primarily focus on either machine work or hand work, and many woodworkers tend to embrace either one or the other at the beginning. This singular approach can limit the scope of one’s work, and one might never develop his full creative potential. Here at PFW our goal is to open doors for our students, not close them. We believe that the most enjoyable and successful woodworking is achieved by striking a balance. We teach the use of machinery and power tools for the preparatory and mechanical aspects of a project in order to achieve the best results in a safe and efficient manner, and then turn to hand tools and other traditional techniques. It is these hand tool methods that permit the distinctive details and refinements which will elevate your project from the common to the outstanding.

So no matter your skill level, interest, or direction as a woodworker, the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop has much to offer. Come join us and learn furniture making and woodworking skills in a supportive and invigorating studio environment. Our school provides instruction in furniture making such as woodturning course or lathe woodturning techniques, how to use a plane (planecraft), tablesaw techniques, mortise and tenon joint classes, dovetail classes, techniques in veneering, chisel techniques, and instruction in finishing such as French Polishing and Oil and Varnish. There are many more woodworking courses so check our calendar to see them all.

Do you have a small workshop that is in need of a workbench. Consider taking our Small Shop Workbench Building Course. At the course the student builds an adjustable height workbench that is 24 inches wide, five foot long and has a top of hard maple at 1-3/4" thick. Check our calendar for when it is offered.

Upcoming Spring and and Early Summer 2016 Woodworking Courses
Basic Woodworking Class for the BeginnerTotal Beginner 2 - During the day! If you have taken Total Beginner 1, then this course will give you a different set of skills.  This attractive coffee table is built of solid cherry and utilizes traditional mortise and tenon joinery. Six Tuesday mornings beginning April 19.


Learn to make hand cut dovetails

Hand Cut Dovetails - The dovetail joint in all its variations is considered the benchmark of fine furniture and solid construction. This is the joint that separates the masterpiece from the mundane. Learn the process and skills to execute beautiful hand cut dovetails with confidence and ease. This important class is next offered the weekend of April 30. Nearly filled.

Furniture making, Learn the techniques for constructing a stool

Alvar Aalto Stool 60 - Zack Deluca has a passion for mid-century modern furniture, and so has designed a course to teach this iconic Finnish stool.  Solidly built, this stackable stool or table will fit perfectly in just about any interior.  Three Monday evenings, starting May 2.

Furniture Making beginner course

Total Beginner 1 - This class is designed for the beginning woodworker with little or no experience.  This newly scheduled class is on seven consecutive Tuesday evenings beginning May 3, 2016.  If you are interested, please contact us via email or phone.

Learn how to mill wood properly at this furniture making course
Milling Wood - One of the secrets to a successful project is careful stock selection and preparation. Your wood has to be flat, square, and parallel.  This hands-on workshop will cover all aspects of milling lumber from rough-sawn to smooth, flat, and straight.  Students will learn how to use the jointer, planer, table-saw, band saw and miter saw for fast, efficient, and accurate stock preparation.  Next offered on Saturday May 7, 2016. 

Learn Spray Finishing techniques courseSpray Finishing - This fast-paced weekend class covers spray finishing techniques. It is designed to teach these techniques in a most hands-on manner.  Bring your completed (but unfinished) Total Beginner 1 bookcase, Total Beginner 2 coffee table, Pembroke table, Windsor chair, or Nakashima table in for the ultimate finish.  Students will bring a fully sanded, unfinished, piece of furniture to the class, and at the end of Sunday, each will take home his or her piece which is completely finished with one coat of traditional sander sealer, sanded out, and two coats of nitrocellulose lacquer. It will need only to be rubbed out by hand after a week or so of curing time.  The class is next offered the weekend of May 14, 2016.

A course in sharpening woodworking tools

Basic Sharpening - No matter how much you spend on your tools, if they're not sharp, they won't work! Learn how to get from dead dull to razor sharp in minutes.  This one-day workshop covers the proper preparation, sharpening, and honing of plane irons, chisels, marking knives, carving tools, cabinet scrapers, and turning gouges. The Saturday May 14, 2016 class has a few remaining openings.

Hand Plane Course for WoodworkingPlanecraft - This is a one day crash course on hand plane basics.  Examine the different types of hand planes and learn how to select the right one for the job.  Learn to prepare your blades and cutters to razor sharpness.  Learn proper and effective techniques to get the most enjoyment - and the best results - from hand planing.  Sunday May 15.

Course to create your own smoothing plane


Build a Smoothing Plane - Learn how to build a streamlined and beautifully functioning benchplane; your very own distinctive tool, designed to suit your personal style and your work. This workshop will give you a unique and valuable perspective on the design, construction, and use of handplanes.  Next offered the weekend of May 21, 2016.



Other courses are on calendar as well.  Please join us at PFW for a great learning experience.

We look forward to seeing you soon at PFW.

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Mario Rodriguez

Notice -- In administering its affairs, educational policies, admissions policies, financial aid programs, and other school programs, Philadelphia Furniture Workshop does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status (special disabled veterans, disabled veterans and Vietnam-era veterans), or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law or local law.



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